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Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii's Rain Products is a line of premium Hawaii shampoos and conditioners, along with Ageless, an anti-aging skin care cream made of Hawaii's best botanicals and herbs. All of our products are made locally and priced reasonably. Browse our store to view all of our products.

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The Lab

All of Hawaii's Rain Products are created here in Hawaii. From figuring out what ingredients to include to actually producing the shampoos - all the magic happens here at the lab.

Emotional & Psychological Relaxation Techniques

Every person experiences stress differently. Some people's natural response is physiological while others have a more emotional/psychological response to stress. This week, we'll be talking about some emotional/psychological relaxation techniques: medi...

The Art of Relaxation

Is your stress response primarily physiological or psychological/emotional? Knowing the difference will help you address your stress more effectively! Awareness of how stress manifests in your day-to-day life will allow you to make a proactive effort to manage your regular stress level so that when it's time to relax...