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Beauty and hair products made in Hawaii with botanical ingredients.  We specialize in hair regrowth! 

Say "Bye-bye" to hair loss!

Hair and Scalp Health

Learn from the experts! Taking care of your hair and scalp is easy and rewarding.

Say "Bye-bye" to hair loss!

Jo Palmeri

Say 'Bye-Bye-Bye' to Hair Loss WITHOUT complicated surgery! 

It's been all over the news, former *NSync star Joey Fatone has undergone hair restoration surgery.

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In a promotional video, Fatone and Chistopher Knight (Peter Brady from the Brady Bunch) sing the praises of this hair transplant surgery claiming that it is the "best kept secret in Hollywood." But what if you don't want to undergo surgery? Or what if you can't afford surgery? 

Hawaii's Rain Products offers a simple alternative that works. Many people suffering from hair loss don't realize that their scalp hygiene contributes significantly to the amount of hair that is able to grow. Not everyone who is suffering from hair loss has a hereditary condition - there is hope!

Hair loss often occurs alongside other scalp conditions such as dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, tinea capitis, parasitic infection and other inflammatory conditions. Your scalp is prone to these conditions because of the higher density ofhair and sebaceous glands than found elsewhere on the body. This hair and extra oil secreting glands provide the perfect environment for bacteria, parasites and infection to grow. If not properly taken care of, the oil on your scalp can build-up causing a thick resin of sebum to clog the pores which will prevent hair that is TRYING to grow from being able to break through! If you use the right products, and the right regimen, you hair could grow again! 

Click here to learn more about Hawaii's Rain Products and our Hair Care Regimen. Don't let a healthy scalp be reserved ONLY for those with 'Hollywood Secrets' and Hollywood budgets! Try Hawaii's Rain Products today!

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