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Beauty and hair products made in Hawaii with botanical ingredients.  We specialize in hair regrowth! 

Hair and Scalp Health

Learn from the experts! Taking care of your hair and scalp is easy and rewarding.

Tips to Grow Hair Faster

Jo Palmeri


Is it possible to make your hair grow faster? Absolutely! Check through our tips below and see where you need to focus your attention:

Start with the scalp

The most immediately effective way to encourage hair growth is to make sure your scalp is in good shape. If your scalp is bad, your hair will look bad!

  • Wash your hair as frequently as you need to—but not obsessively--and use good products. Inexpensive brands may contain harmful ingredients.
  • Don’t abuse your scalp: If you have an infection, get it treated. Don’t pull on your hair—that will damage your hair’s roots. Be careful of pollutants and toxic environments for your hair (a chlorine swimming pool, for example)—these can have harmful effects on your scalp and hair.
  • Give yourself a massage—but be gentle! In the shower, gently massage your hair follicles to improve blood flow. Gentle is the key word: A rough scalp massage can damage your hair’s cuticle, causing hair breakage.

Explore exfoliation

Your hair and scalp may need an extra cleaning boost. Buildup of hair products and skin cells can limit hair growth—you should take care of this regularly.

  • A gentle scalp massage will help loosen any buildup.
  • Use a quality shampoo that exfoliates and that can help get rid of hair product buildup.

Mind what you’re eating

Let’s face it, if you don’t take care of your body by taking care of your nutrition, your hair will suffer as well.

  • Eat a balanced diet with plenty of dark leafy greens, lean protein, and the other elements of good nutrition. Snack on nuts, especially walnuts. Limit your intake of animal fats.
  • Make up for any vitamin shortages with supplements, especially biotin, protein, zinc and iron. And be careful not to take too much vitamin A.
  • Don’t starve yourself. Malnutrition and limited food intake immediately lead to poor hair health—your body is spending all its efforts on more essential functions to keep you alive.

Don’t over-style

Generally speaking, you need to avoid anything that puts extra stress on your hair, and that includes overuse of styling products, over-vigorous hair styling, and overly frequent styling.

Get a check-up

Make sure to take care of any medical concerns, and examine the side effects of your prescriptions. Certain medical conditions can contribute to hair loss or hair thinning, and so can some prescription medication.

Don’t stress out

Stress affects us in so many ways, and your hair is no exception. Stress and trauma can slow hair growth, lead to thinning hair, and even hair loss. Stress restricts the blood supply, preventing sufficient oxygen and nutrient uptake, and inhibits hair growth—just as poor circulation does. So get enough rest, relax, catch your breath, and take care of yourself!

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